Qualtrics Survey Platform Certification
Verification of Conformance

WebAIM, an independent authority in web accessibility, evaluated the Qualtrics Survey Platform web content and certifies its conformance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Version 2.0 Level A and AA.

A representative sample of Descriptive Text, Multiple choice (all 21 types), Net Promoter Score, Matrix (except Bipolar, MaxDiff, Likert), Text Entry (all types), Rank Order (only Text Entry, Graphic, and Radio), Constant Sum, Side by Side, Drill Down, Timing, Meta Info, and Captcha Verification (V2) content was examined to evaluate conformance.

WebAIM cannot verify the conformance or accessibility of content beyond the scope of the sample, nor content changed after March 13, 2018. However, based on our interactions with the Qualtrics development team, WebAIM is confident in their ability and willingness to maintain conformance.



The University of Boulder has published a full accessibility audit of Qualtrics and the report can be found linked below. Please note there are several inaccessible question types which should not be used until an accessible version of them is published.