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Tips for Filling in the Application Form


When meeting prospective applicants, the admissions team is often asked for tips on how to submit a successful application. The answer, of course, is that there are many factors that will be considered and there is no magic formula. However, there are simple ways in which you can improve your application. One of these is to ensure that you fill in the application form correctly. In this post, we offer guidance on how to fill out the application form, taking you through step by step.

Click here for Tips for Filling in MSc Application Form.

We hope that you find this useful, and please let us know if you have any queries not answered in the instructions!


  1. Thank you for giving me such a wonderful chance to join; would you please
    pave the way for me how to avail my self there and facilitate the process?

    • Hi Temesgen
      Thanks for your comment! The best way to prepare your application is to read the advice in our blog posts and also on our website. When you have gathered your documents together, please submit your application online. We will then get in contact to let you know what documents we have recieved, and if any documents are still pending.
      Which course are you interested in applying for?
      Best wishes
      MSc Admissions Team

  2. What documents do I need to gather so as to send in order to be recipient of a scholarship in the Cass B school for MSc programmes? What clarify the characters in the requirement of the scholarship?

    • Hi Kodir

      Thanks for your question. The donors will only view your online scholarship application form in the first instance. If you are shortlisted for a scholarship it is possible that they will contact you to request further information, such as a CV.

      If I have understood your second question, the character limit for the essay answers is between 250 and 1500 characters. This includes spaces.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards
      MSc Admissions Team

  3. I sent some documents were not compatibles with my cas,but if I can receive the documents of application form for international students.
    I would like to study with you.I am a ctizen of Mali and I would like to study in your Banking international or Economics and Accountancy.I hoppe for your help and I’m waiting forward to hear from you soon.

    • Hi Sory
      Thanks for your message and interest in Cass Business School! The application form should be submitted online – please see our website to check which courses are still accepting applications, and apply through the link: The same application form is used for all students. Please note that the MSc in Banking and International Finance is full and is no longer accepting applications for 2014 intake. Our MSc in International Accounting and Finance is still open, and Economics courses are taught at the School of Arts and Social Sciences ( If you wish to submit an application for 2014 intake I would recommend that you first contact the admissions officer for that course to discuss your case, as we are now no longer accepting applications from international students who require a Tier 4 visa to study in the UK.
      I hope this helps, and please let us know if you have any queries!
      Kind regards
      MSc Admissions Team

  4. Hello! Thank you for the detailed information.
    Just one quick question:when would the application for master program(2016 entry) open this year? I checked the website and most of them are still “closed”.


    • Hi Evelyn
      Thanks for your question! We will be opening links for September 2016 intake from next week (2nd November). Please keep an eye on our website.
      Please let us know if you have any further queries, and we look forward to receiving your application.
      MSc Admissions Team

  5. Hi! I’ve got two questions to confirm:
    1.Is it alright if I upload the supportive documents in pdf format, and personal statement in word?
    2.On the website, it says it would prefer one reference from my tutor and another from previous employer. But when I logged into the application form, it indicated that two academic references would be better. I’m a final-year student applying to full-time programs, and I’m not sure which guidance I should follow?

    Thank you very much for your help!

    • Hi Annie
      Thanks for your enquiry! Yes, you can upload your documents in PDF or Word format. Regarding the references, it is up to you whether you wish to supply two academic, or one academic and one professional. The most important thing is that the referee can comment on your suitability for the course, so they should ideally have directly taught or managed you.
      I hope this helps. We look forward to receiving your application!
      MSc Admissions Team

  6. Hello! Will the result be released via emails? Or could we track the application status online? Thank you!

    • Hi
      Thanks for your question! We inform applicants of the decision by email (you can also check your application status online – the link is sent shortly after you submit your application). If you have applied for more than one course and you are not successful for the first choice, you will hear from us after we have the decision on the second choice course (or third choice, if applicable).
      I hope this helps!
      MSc Admissions Team

  7. I realise that there’s likely no straightforward answer to this, but if an MSc application is submitted around the Christmas 2015 period, roughly when can we expect a response from the Admissions team as to whether it was successful or not? This is for a Full Time MSc with rolling admissions for a September 2016 start date. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Robert
      Thanks for your question! We advise applicants that it normally takes around 4-6 weeks for a decision to be made. The office will be closed over the Christmas period, so applications submitted during that time would be reviewed from January onwards. The exact review date would depend on the course and when the admissions panels meet, so I’m afraid we cannot give an exact date or timeframe.
      I hope this helps, and we look forward to receiving your application!
      MSc Admissions Team

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