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How to Upgrade your Offer to Unconditional


As many of our offer-holders will shortly be finishing their undergraduate degree, this post is designed to remind you of how you can upgrade your conditional offer to unconditional. Once your offer is unconditional you will be able to apply for a Tier 4 visa (if applicable) and you will be one step closer to registering at Cass Business School and starting the exciting year ahead!

Any applicant who requires a Tier 4 visa to study in the UK should provide all requested documents and upgrade their offer by no later than 1 August 2014. It is therefore important that you send the necessary documents to us as soon as they become available. If you do not know when your final results will be out, it may be worth checking with your institution and informing your Admissions Officer if you think you may not be able to provide the documents by this date. It is also a good idea to start reading through our visa application guidance now, so that you can be prepared for the application process when your offer is upgraded to unconditional.

Degree Transcript/Certificate

If your offer is conditional upon you completing your current course of study, you will need to send us the hard copy of your final degree transcript by post, confirming the completion of your degree, your final grade and the date your degree was awarded. If all of these details are not confirmed on your transcript of marks then we will also require your degree certificate confirming the award of your degree. If you are unclear as to which document to provide, please contact your Admissions Officer. The transcript (and certificate, if applicable) should either be an original or certified version. A certified version must be stamped and certified as a true copy of the original document by either your university, a government official or a notary, and must display the original stamps and certifying signatures. These documents should be sent by post to your Admissions Officer at the address below (we cannot accept scanned copies):

Specialist Masters Admissions
Cass Business School
106 Bunhill Row

You may wish to ask your university to send the documents to us directly, as this might be faster than you receiving them and then forwarding them on to us. If you require a Tier 4 visa you should request a transcript to be sent directly to you as well, as you may need it for your visa application.

If you have completed a degree in the People’s Republic of China you must also provide your Chinese Higher Education Qualification Certificate (HEQC) from  confirming your degree award. We can accept these notifications in hard copy or sent as a PDF, but this must be received alongside a posted original or certified degree transcript and graduation certificate in order to formally verify any academic qualification.


You must also send us proof of meeting any other conditions of your offer (if you have not already done so); for example, meeting our English/GMAT requirements. We are able to verify the results of IELTS and GMAT exams directly with the test supplier so are happy to accept scanned copies of test certificates, as long as these include the Test Report Form code (TRF) for IELTS or your GMAT ID for a GMAT exam. In order to verify a GMAT result you must also arrange with GMAC to make your GMAT result accessible to Cass Business School (Institution Code 2C2-RO-84 – Masters in Science).


If we are still pending one or more references, you may wish to follow up the request with your referee(s). The referee can either send their reference to us directly by email from their academic/professional email account, or they can send it by post to the Admissions Officer at the address given above. Please note that references should be confidential and we therefore cannot accept scanned references sent by the applicant. Referees can either use our reference form or can write the reference in their own format on headed paper.


Some offers may include conditions not mentioned above – please check your offer letter and contact your Admissions Officer if you have any queries.

Please remember to include your name and student number with any documents you send us.

If you need your original documents back (with the exception of references, which cannot be returned) please let us know, and provide us with the address to which the documents need to be returned, plus your contact phone number. Alternatively you can pick them up from the Admissions Office during the second week of induction.

We can also accept documents in person at Cass Business School. Please arrange an appointment with your Admissions Officer if you wish to bring a document in.

If you are in any doubt as to which documents you need to provide in order to upgrade your offer, please contact your Admissions Officer.

Good luck with your final results, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!


  1. To send IELTS score, do you mean to send it by email?

    • Hi Chanisara, thanks for your message! Yes, you can send a scanned copy of the Score Report by email to your admissions officer. This must show the TRF (Test Report Form) number, which we use to verify your scores online.
      I hope this helps!
      MSc Admissions Team

  2. To whom it may concern,

    Can I send my result transcript in person to the school’s office not by post?



    • Hi Linh, thanks for your message! Yes, if you wish to bring in your documents in person please contact your admissions officer to arrange an appointment.
      I hope this helps!
      MSc Admissions Team

  3. Hi,

    For “hard copy of your final degree transcript”, will I get them back when the admissions officer finishes check it?

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Wenqing, thanks for your question!
      Documents are not automatically returned to the student. However, if you need it back please contact your admissions officer and let them know the address to which it should be returned, and your phone number. Alternatively, you can pick it up in person from the Admissions Office at the end of September/early October. Where possible, we recommend that you ask your university to send us a final transcript directly (that we will keep) and that you have your own transcript to use for the visa application (if applicable).
      I hope this helps!
      MSc Admissions Team

  4. Hi,

    In wich case do you ask for hard copy of the final degree? Do I need to send a copy of my current degree (master) even if I have already reach a bachelor of honor before?
    And in case we didn’t get the 7.0 in IELTS, is there any solution ?

    Thank you in advance,

    • Hi Ghassane, thanks for your question!
      If an applicant is made an offer conditional upon providing their final Bachelors and Masters degree transcripts then they will need to provide the originals or certified versions of both in order to upgrade their offer. If a student has done, or is currently doing, a Masters degree it is very likely that we will need to see the final Masters degree transcript before the offer can be upgraded to unconditional.
      If the applicant does not meet our IELTS requirements they should send the score report to their admissions officer for review, and be prepared to retake the test.
      I hope this helps!
      MSc Admissions Team

  5. Hi,

    I wonder if I can apply for the Tier4 visa with conditional offer? For I can get my master’s interim transcript containing all taught unit marks on 19th July 2017 but my final transcript will be available in December (including dissertation mark).

    Plus, I sent my degree transcript and Certificate to CASS. How can I know that I successfully upgrade one condition into uncondition?



    • Hi Wenqing, thanks for your question!
      We can only issue the CAS when you hold an unconditional offer. Please contact your admissions officer, Christine Woolley, for more information.
      I hope this helps!
      MSc Admissions

  6. Hi,

    I’m applying for Chevening scholarship and waiting for the final result in the early June. I just have some concerns:
    1. I read that CASS will consider candidate’s application around 2-6 weeks for a conditional letter. And if I send my application after receiving Chevening’s result in early June, then can I get the conditional letter before 13.07 (the deadline I have to submit conditional letter for Chevening)

    2. In case I cannot take the Ielts test in time, is there any solution for me to get the unconditional letter before 13.07 and send the Ielts result to CASS later ?

    Looking for your response,
    Ngoc Tran

    • Hi Ngoc, thanks for your question!
      1) Whilst we are likely to make a decision within your timeframe, I’m afraid we cannot guarantee that it will be made before your Chevening deadline. The time taken to make a decision is also dependent on whether you submit all the documents needed to make a decision when you apply. For information on what documents are needed to make a decision, please see the Entry Requirements tab on the relevant course page on our website.
      2) We cannot send out unconditional offers before the offer conditions have been met. If you can book an IELTS test in time to get the results before your deadline, I recommend that you do so. Alternatively we might accept the PTE (Pearson Test of English), the results of which come out very quickly. If you are made an offer I suggest you contact the relevant admissions officer for further advice.

      I hope this helps. Good luck!
      MSc Admissions Team

  7. Hi,
    I have received a conditional offer for MSc Management, but the condition mentioned is in percentage, and my university provides the final grades in GPA.So what is the procedure for this?

    • Hi Dhananjay
      Thanks for your question! When you have completed your degree and arranged for your final degree documents to be sent to us directly by your university, please ensure that there is a grading scale that shows how the GPA is converted into a percentage. We will then be able to check that you have met our % requirements.
      I hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any further queries.
      Kind regards
      MSc Admissions Team

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