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As summer approaches, and you are making your plans, the following information may help you to prepare for joining Cass Business School in September. This advice is designed to help you avoid the most common problems encountered by students in the final weeks before joining the course. Please read it carefully, as it is advisable to plan ahead, particularly if you require a T4 student visa, rather than have lots to prepare at the last minute.

  • The in-person registration date for your course is 14 September 2015 so please take this into account when making travel arrangements so you will not arrive late.
  • Please make sure you advise your admissions officer of any change in contact details, particularly your email address, as otherwise you may miss vital information. Remember to check your email regularly as we will be sending out important information as the start date approaches. Information on induction and in-person registration and ID checks will also be posted on the induction website, and you are advised to check that regularly also.
  • Conditional offer holders, please send us documents required to upgrade your offer as you receive them, rather than wait until you have everything. We require an original or certified copy of your final degree transcript to be sent to us as a hard copy (post/courier/personal delivery) in order to upgrade offers that are conditional on degree results – we cannot accept scans, photocopies or emails. If you have any questions about which documents are still outstanding, please contact your Admissions Officer for advice.
  • Planning to return to your home country/travel after you finish your exams? It may be possible to arrange for your university to post a copy of your transcript to us, so please think about that before you leave the UK.
  • If you require a T4 student visa for your studies at Cass, plan ahead and ensure you do everything in good time, to avoid last minute panics. Make sure you understand the UKVI requirements for visa applications (they may have changed in the past few months), particularly with regard to the financial documents required for visa applications. For further information please visit our website and apply in good time for your application to be processed. Our visa advisers are ready to help you with any visa related issues, and can be contacted on You will receive information on how to request your CAS Statement when your offer is upgraded to unconditional.
  • You will receive a link to our Induction Website when it is activated during the summer. You will find useful information on this site, so we advise you to check it regularly for updates and additions.
  • Unconditional offer-holders will receive an email inviting you to complete online registration when the system goes live (normally around July); conditional offer-holders will receive this shortly after your offer is upgraded. If you do not receive this please contact your Admissions Officer.

If you need any further information, please contact your Admissions Officer. We look forward to meeting you in September.

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