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Advice on tuition fees payment

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As in-person registration draws near and you are completing online registration, we thought we would share some advice on how you can pay the first instalment of tuition fees.

You need to pay at least half of your tuition fees in order to complete the online part of registration, which must be done before you arrive at Cass Business School. You will need to pay fees to complete this process and be able to print out the certificate you will require to complete in-person registration. You will be able to see during this process how much fees are showing in your account.

Fees are paid to the same account as your deposit. The most efficient way is to pay by credit/debit card through City University does not charge for using this method.

Alternatively you can pay by a bank transfer or internet transfer from your bank account. You will have received our bank details when you accepted your offer, or you can find them on our website. Please remember to use your student number and your name as the payment reference so your payment can be allocated correctly.

Fees should be paid in pounds sterling only, and any bank charges by the sending bank should be paid by you.

You may send a sterling cheque or bank draft to your admissions officer but please note this could take time in the post and will also take time to clear so send it in plenty of time not at the last moment. Bank drafts can be slow to clear, and at this stage we would not recommend this method of payment.

Please allow time for your payment to clear. If you do not see the payment on the finance page of online registration after a while, please email a copy of the payment receipt to your admissions officer or to our finance team and we can attempt to trace the payment.

If you attempt to pay by cheque or bank draft during the registration period, this could delay your registration until the funds are cleared.

Please note we are unable to accept cash payments, and it is unwise to carry large amounts of cash around with you.

We hope that you are looking forward to starting your Masters degree at Cass – please let us know if you have any questions about registration.

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