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November 10, 2016
by MSc Admissions Team

2017 applications open! Why apply early?

We are pleased to announce that applications for 2017 intake are now open! In this post we explore the benefits of submitting an early application, as well as considering circumstances when it might be worth taking more time before hitting the submit button.

So why apply early?

  • It gives you more time to meet offer conditions. If you’ve been made an offer that is conditional on achieving a certain grade or taking a test such as the GMAT or IELTS, you will have more time to meet our requirements (and, if necessary, retake tests to achieve the required score). Applicants who submit late applications sometimes find that they have very little time in which to meet their offer conditions, particularly if they also need to apply for a Tier 4 visa to study in the UK. Applying early means you have more control over the situation, can pick suitable test dates before they get fully booked, and remove unnecessary stress from the process.
  • Scholarship applications often have early deadlines. The deadline for most Cass Scholarships is early May, but many external scholarship providers have much earlier deadlines. In order to apply for a Cass Scholarship you must have first received and fully accepted an offer on one of our MSc courses, and this is also often a requirement for external scholarships. Applying early ensures that you are more likely to meet the scholarship application deadline.
  • There is a greater chance that your first-choice course will still be accepting applications. We do not have a set deadline for closing courses, as we accept applications on a rolling basis. This means, however, that some of our most popular courses tend to close earlier in the admissions cycle as they become full. Maximise your chances of being accepted onto your first choice course by submitting an early application.
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