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January 11, 2017
by MSc Admissions Team

Spotlight on our Quants courses

Are you interested in studying one of our Quants courses, but not sure which one to apply for? There is increasing demand from employers for recruits with strong quantitative skills, so earning a Masters in one of our quantitative courses could be your key to success if you have the right background. Read on, as we focus on our quantitative courses, and what we are looking for in successful candidates.

The three quantitative programmes (MSc Financial Mathematics, MSc Quantitative Finance and MSc Mathematical Trading and Finance) share many similarities. To be specific, they share some of the same modules in Term one and Term two, such as ‘Asset Pricing’ ‘Derivatives’, ‘Fixed Income’, ‘Stochastic Modelling in Finance’ and ‘Risk Analysis.’ All programmes enable students to acquire the sophisticated mathematics and computer-modelling skills required to employ newly developed investment products and financial strategies for pricing, hedging, trading and portfolio management decisions.

Each programme has its own specialism and career prospects associated with it. These differences are summarised below, in brief, along with the academic entry requirements: Continue Reading →

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