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February 20, 2019
by MSc Admissions Team

Top tips for writing your Personal Statement and CV

As you prepare your application for Cass Business School, we are sure that you are keen to sell yourself and demonstrate your suitability for your chosen course. One of the best ways to demonstrate your enthusiasm for, and knowledge of, a course or industry sector is through your personal statement and CV. A well-written personal statement and CV can help the admissions panel understand your motivation, which might not be conveyed through your degree transcript alone. In this post we give you some hints and tips for writing your personal statement and CV. Please remember that these two documents form part of your whole application file, and a successful application will also require a solid academic background that meets our requirements.

Personal Statement

  • Be concise – We are often asked how long the personal statement should be. Ideally it should be 500-600 words, although there is no particular limit. It is better to be concise so the admissions panel can easily pick out the key points.
  • Look to the future – The admissions panel use the personal statement to determine whether the course you have applied for is right for you. You should therefore address why you want to take the course, and what your future careers aspirations are. If you can, demonstrate how particular modules will help you in the field you wish to enter after graduating.
  • Do your research – Find out about the School and the course before writing your personal statement. Is there anything that particularly catches your eye or interests you? Mentioning something that is specific to Cass Business School or the course, and explaining how it will benefit you, will show the admissions panel that you have taken the time to read and learn about the School or course.
  • Tailor your statement – We expect that you are submitting applications to other Business Schools. However, do not make the mistake of sending the same statement to every School. It is often obvious when an applicant has not tailored their statement for their application to Cass Business School. Following from the above point, ensure that you are writing your statement specifically for the course that you wish to apply for at Cass, and mention the course name in the statement.
  • Sell yourself! – The personal statement is the only document where you can really convince the admissions panel of your motivation and suitability for the course. Other supporting documents such as the degree transcript are the hard evidence of your achievements, but they cannot convey a passion for a subject. Use this opportunity to tell us about yourself – what makes you stand out? How do you think the course will help you in your future career? What can you give back to the Cass community? If there are any discrepancies in your academic background you can provide an explanation here. Above all, your career ambitions should comprise the greatest part of your statement.

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