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Every year many people help with our research and we would not be able to continue without them. Every person who gives time to help with this research means we understand more about the risk factors for perinatal PTSD, the impact on women and their families, and how best to prevent or treat it.

We have many research projects running every year. In order to continue we need people to take part – including those who have positive or negative experiences of birth and becoming a parent. Some research projects are listed below. If you would like to help with this research please contact the person or organisation specified.

UPDATE (2016):

Rebecca Webb at City University London is looking for volunteers with babies aged 3-6 months who have experienced a traumatic birth. The purpose of this study is to see how mothers with birth trauma and their babies interpret facial expressions and play together. Taking part will help us make more informed evidence-based recommendations about the type of support and treatment needed for women and their babies after birth trauma. To take part please either fill out this brief questionnaire or contact Rebecca Webb at City, University of London on 02070405774 or email


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  1. Susan Ayers at |

    We are looking for women in London who are interested in joining a small panel to review and contribute to the design of research projects, to make sure they are acceptable to women who will be asked to take part. If you are interested, please contact

  2. at |

    I will be happy to participate to the research projects and the share the italian projects with this network


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