Members of the network carry out research in many countries that aims to improve our understanding of traumatic birth and how to prevent and treat it. For example, members have carried out a range of research studies looking at biological, psychological and social causes and consequences of perinatal PTSD.

See below for links to key publications on perinatal PTSD, as well as a database of publications in this area.

Expert consensus paper on key research issues for PTSD after birth

McKenzie-McHarg K, Ayers S, Ford EM, Horsch A, Jomeen J, Sawyer A, Slade P, Stramrood C & Thomson G. (2015). Post-traumatic stress disorder following childbirth: an update of current issues and recommendations for future research. Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology Special Edition, 33(3), 219-237.

Perinatal PTSD research on PubMed
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  1. Aynsley Babinski at |

    Thank you for creating this networking opportunity. I am a graduate student in clinical psychology and I felt compelled to focus my future practice in this area due to my birth experience. I would like to focus on medical provider interpersonal communication, burn-out, self-care practices, and secondary trauma. It is my hope to work with providers to improve their ability to practice empathetically and to consider the whole body care of the women and families they serve, not just the physical components of care. I’d love to get pointed in the right direction of research articles that specifically relate to the perceptions of providers, and issues with burn-out and secondary trauma. Thank you in advance for any help you are willing to provide!


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