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  1. Emma Haynes at |

    I am a PhD student at Salford University, researching psychotherapy as a treatment option for Perinatal depression, anxiety and stress. I am wondering if there are other researchers in this field as I would like to make contact. I am writing my literature review at present and so if you are researching anything to do with this area I would be really interested, not just psychotherapy. I am also very interested in epigenetics and neuroscience.

    1. Rumyana Kudeva at |

      Hello Emma,

      I just saw your post and I am not sure if you are still working on your dissertation. I have experience in providing psychotherapy to women during their reproductive year and have researched the grief some of them experience when their childbirth violates their prenatal expectations. Let me know how can I help, I would love to! is my personal email.


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