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Results day

Considering LPC students were supposed to write a blog near the beginning of the course, that is September last year, I feel I should probably make an entry now. It’s results day, April 15 2015, so there’s something significant to write about.

I didn’t do quite as well as I’d hoped, considering the work that I feel I put in to my studies. I passed all of the exams except for Business Law and Practice, which I missed by 3%. It was quite a saddening moment looking at the results page this morning to discover that what I actually scored in the exams did not match, in my view, the effort I took to attain higher grades. I have also now, by way of my work, relegated my overall course mark to a Pass. This is unfortunate.

What this means in effect is that I will have to re-learn the entirety of the Business course and do everything possible to ensure I pass the retake by a considerable margin, which is what I am now aiming for. This is on top of the work that I will be putting in to pass all of the electives first time around. While this isn’t going to remedy what has already been done, it is absolutely the right way forward. Personal goals are always going to be important, whether or not they necessarily align with determined marking structures.

I’ve learned two major lessons from the course. Firstly: answering questions on a practical course is very different to that of writing academically. Application is vital and this means finding the relevant law and matching it with the fact patterns as far as possible. Secondly: even a substantial amount of revision is not enough; the 40+ hours required outside of contact time is accurate.

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