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Top 10 Streets in Bethnal Green You Could Get a Parking Ticket


Parking tickets are random acts of cruelty from the universe. Yet they may not be so randomly distributed, according to information gathered from a Freedom of Information request to Tower Hamlets council.

The Bethnal Green streets with the highest number of parking tickets (so far) in 2017 have now been revealed, thanks to this FOI request. They were: Old Ford Road (Sewardstone to Grove), Roman Road (Globe Road to Grove Road), Bancroft Road, Morpeth Street, Old Ford Road (Grove Road to St Stephens), Roman Road (Grove Road to St Stephens), Cleveland Way, Alderney Road, Cephas Avenue and Cephas Street.

The request also found the total sum earned by Tower Hamlets council from the 5493 parking tickets issued in 2017 was £242,051.

See the video below to find out how many parking tickets were issued at the top 10 streets in Bethnal Green:


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