About my interaction design’s blog

Good evening,

My name is Lilly, I am a MSc Human Computer Interaction Design Student and welcome to my first blog in user experience design.

Examples of work I have completed as part of MSc in Human Computer Interaction Design ( Term 1).

I followed the interaction design process described in our course lecture ( lecture 1, page 23).

  1. )User Research – Collecting User Data- Questionnaires, Collecting User Data- Observations, Using User Data –PersonasUsing User Data – Requirements, Using User Data – User JourneyUsing user Data – Hierarchical Task Analysis (HTA)
  2. )Conceptual Design- Storyboards , Sketching
  3. )Detailed Design- Interactive prototypes
  4. )Usability Evaluation
  5. )User Experience Event at WebCredible

Thank you,

Lilly Browne


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