Collecting User Data- Questionnaires

What is user research?

User Research is a research conducted with intended users of a product to inform and validate product development, often in one-on-one interviews.

Why Collect user data?
It is because we would like to find out what users need to do in order for us to design interactive systems and have a positive user experience.Questionnaires is one of the techniques for gathering user data.

When do we collect user data?

  1. Early in design, to understand the design problem, the users, their activities, problems and opportunities.
  2. During evaluation of prototype designs and deployed systems to reveal usability problems and to measure usability.

Examples of questionnaire

Task 1. Questionnaire -Dosette Box

Purpose: to find out about the users, why users use dosette boxes and how users use dosette boxes.

We created a draft questionnaire during the tutorial session.


Task 2: Gamer Review Questionnaire

We created an online questionnaire using Typeform. We were mainly interested in their gaming behaviour including weekly hours of play, their preferred platform and their attitudes toward existing game review sources.

Task 2: Questionnaire Result

We received a total of 50 responses. This data was useful in informing our primary and secondary personas.


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