Collecting User Data- Observations

What is observation?

Observation is a useful data gathering technique at any stage during product development.

Task 1:  Sainsbury  Observation ( 10 am – 10.15 am)

part of interaction design module


  •  What people bought in Sainsbury?
  • Did they use plastic bag?
  • What are the demographics for Sainsbury’s Customers?


It is challenging to capture the details of people by note taking.


Task 2: Street Observations

part of creativity in design module


Example of observation

The observation recorded:

  • Where the location was
  • Time of observation
  • Who was being observed
  • What they were doing
  • Why they were doing it
  • How they were doing it



What I learnt from observations?

Observations can be really helpful because it does provides me with actionable insights. ( For example, commuter need to go further down the road to cross the street safely because there is no zebra crossing.)

The biggest problem with observations is that it is time-consuming and it is important to write up experiences and observations at the end of the day.


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