Detailed Design- Interactive prototype

What is a clickable prototype?

It is a concrete representation of a design. Creating a clickable prototype is the next step in design and brings a design to life.

About this project

This project has been submitted for information architecture module.


My chosen topic is the development of a website (  targeted at high end and fashion wrist watch enthusiasts.

Men’s watches page
Design a watch page
Repair Services page


This Youtube helped me to develop my clickable prototype.


What is a domain model?

Domain Model is a diagram that shows the relationships between different abstract ideas.

Appendix A: Domain Model

This is a domain model for a high end and fashion wrist watch company

The three types of stakeholders ( watch designers, watch maker experts and watch enthusiasts) had a strong influence on the appeal of this site.

What is sitemap?

Sitemap is a visual representation of the relationships between different pages on a website.

Appendix B: Site Map

This is a sitemap for a high end and fashion wrist watch company

What is a user journey?

User Journey is an illustration of the steps a user takes to complete a task.

Goal is to buy a wristwatch for a male friend with a water resistance feature and for under £999.00.

Below is a user journey for a high end and fashion wrist watch company.

Appendix C: User Journey

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