Using User Data – Requirements

What is requirements?

Requirements are descriptions of how the proposed system should behave, appear or perform.

Where do requirements come from?

Stakeholders through interviews, observations, document analysis, evaluation, prototyping and task analysis.


Example ( part of Interaction Design module)

Below is a full list of our requirements:

# Description Rationale Source(s)
1 All desired content types available in one place Current issue in community is different platform for every content type (eg. video on Youtube, text on Developer/Discussion Forums, fan art on Instagram) User Research
2 Support uploading and viewing of many formats As above User Research
3 Content organized by game Gamers seek out content related to the game (and sub-community) they identify with due to shared goals User Research
4 Anonymous Being that content is public, it’s important to protect the identity of the contributor/reviewer User Research
5 Incentivize contributors The platform relies on contributions of the community to operate User Research
6 Recognize top contributors Users need to feel valued for being active members of the platform User Research
7 Compatible with all major gaming platforms including console, PC and mobile Make information easier to access by making it available on the gaming device itself User Research
8 Unbiased reviewing system Problem with biased game reviews within community causes lack of trust User Research
9 Manage database of games If users were to generate game descriptions themselves it would result in duplicates and inaccurate information Developers
10 Quick process to check reviews (efficiency) Encourage use; interviewee suggested “bitesize” reviews best. User Research/Interaction Design Principles
11 Quick process to add reviews (efficiency) Encourage contributors User Research/Interaction Design Principles
12 Filter by platform Many users only play games on one type of gaming device User Research
13 Build sense of community Gaming community relies heavily on word of mouth User Research
14 Communication with developers Users expressed a way to communicate directly with developers would be very beneficial to them User Research
15 Channel for gamers to talk to each other Social media was found to be the #1 way gamers communicated with one another User Research
16 Recommended games/sections Help users discover new games/features to increase interest and engagement Developers
17 Data storage and management Due to large amount of data, a system for storage and archiving equip for growth will need to be developed Developers
18 Keyboard Users require the ability to enter original text-based content and comments Developers
19 Navigation As people will be accessing this software on a variety of devices, navigation should be suited to each device User Research, Developers
20 Responsive design Users will access platform from a variety of devices Interaction Design Principles


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