Conceptual Design – Sketching

What is sketching?

Sketching is not about drawing. It is about design. Sketching is the rapid paper-based visualisation of high-level ideas, with the aim of capturing their simplest essence.

Why do we sketch?

  • Generate many ideas.
  • Add in new ideas as they come up.
  • Can be done quickly and cheaply.
  • Give you the freedom to make mistakes and think openly.

What I learnt from sketching?

  • The design process is about getting the right design, and then getting that design right.
  • Sketching is fun. There is no such thing as a bad idea.
  • It is quick, easy and does not need a lot of materials ( Paper and  pencil).
  • It is a fundamental tool to helps designers express, develop and communicate design ideas.

Example of sketch  

This sketch is part of Design Jam event.

X Jam Government 2014

Whatever APP

Example of Sketch ( Interface )



                           This storyboard is part of Creative In Design project.

Example of Sketch ( Scenario)
Example of Sketch ( Scenario)


Example of Sketch ( Scenario)



 Sketching User Experiences

 Useful Template  Grid Paper

 Video  Sketching iPhone User Interfaces

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