Exploring AR at City University LDC Showcase

At the Learning Development Centre (LDC) showcase held on 1st February 2012 at City University London, I demoed a poster that identified how AR can be used for teaching and learning in the School of Health Sciences. The event was well attended and included both staff and students from different schools as well as central services.

Two interactive AR examples were shown.

Example 1 – AR Lungs (using marker technology)

Example 2 – AR Poster (using image recognition)

On the day, we asked attendees to offer ideas, relating to how AR could be applied in Education. A selection of these ideas are provided below:

  • I think students will like the ‘performance’ aspect of this. It also gives several layers to the learning
  • Marketing
  • Amazing idea, just wondering of more ideas for the application
  • Superb can be used for both staff and students 🙂
  • Really interesting tool could be good for giving students active directions about how to find things in the library or demo how to use self service machines?
  • Can be used in the museums
  • Great for nurses or technicians and would save trying to put information on posters. Voice and video for better experience
  • Use of open days to give examples of lectures/tutorials
  • Recognize specific pieces of equipments in hospital/clinics and show video tutorials/practical uses.
  • Would love to look at using this we have materials on various careers topics
  • Would be great to make this available to prospective students who have places already during the summer months before they start, students typically want to know as much as they can about their university and their course. Many have iphone/ipads and this would be a fun interactive ways of getting them used to the equipment and environment they will be using.

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