Daqri 4D Anatomy App

The Daqri Anatomy App is available in both the Google Play and Apple App store. This Augmented Reality app works by scanning the marker below.

When you do so you will be presented with a 3D body that you can overlay on anything in your surroundings. What is really powerful about this app is the ability to turn off and on different ‘biological systems’. For instance you can choose whether to show skeletal and reproductive systems. You can also decide whether the anatomy shown is for a female or male.

Below is the body overlaid on my colleague Nataša Perović. Whilst you can’t get the body to align accurately with Nataša’s, it does help provide a better insight into where these biological systems lie in relationship to each other; helping to visually develop students’ understanding of anatomy.


You can zoom in and rotate the body around too, so you can view it from the back, upside down, etc. Here’s the 3D body sitting (or rather impressively leaning) on a chair in my office!

The App reminds me of a cut down version of Zygote Body (previously known as Google Body). An advantage of this app, is that unlike Zygote Body it is compatible with Apple and some Android tablets, so offers a mobile alternative to it. This is particularly useful as a number of our lecturers are beginning to use mobile devices as part of their teaching practice. I managed to show this to some students that study Biology and it got real ‘gasps’ of excitement (that of course doesn’t mean it will offer value).  Since we’re currently looking at integrating Augmented Reality into Biology workbooks, this might work well there.  Lecturers here at City University London also think that it will help students to make connections between how treatments work and their impact.

2 thoughts on “Daqri 4D Anatomy App

  1. How did you do this? Is the paper A4? Is it stuck to her body? Just not sure how you achieved this but would be great for my lessons.


    • Hi Adam

      This was applicable to an older version of the app. Unfortunatly this functionality appears to no longer exist.


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