The Vision and the Reality

Steve Boneham, JISC Netskills

Augmented reality is increasing being used in advertising,
entertainment, medicine and military applications. While the vision
presented for AR also offers great potential for education, the
reality of how AR tends to be implemented in educational settings at
present does not always live up to this.

This session will consider:
• issues of the potential uses of AR in education beyond information provision
• the learner (user) experience including discovery and interaction
• the types and quality of media used and how they enhance learning
• how AR fits with collaborative and social learning.

The aim of this is to facilitate an open discussion on the effective
use of AR in education to provide guidance for others looking to
implement AR.

Steve is a learning technologist at JISC Netskills. He helps people
working in education make effective use of emergent technologies
through research, development and training, His current interests
include augmented reality, mobile, WordPress, online training and
digital storytelling.

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