Augmented Reality Browsers Aurasma TED Talk

Augmented Reality Browsers include Aurasma, Junaio, Layar and Wikitude. These browsers all offer different features and to set up an AR experience, you have to learn their way of doing things. For the cARe project I have explored using Aurasma, Junaio and Layar.

Whilst Junaio arguably offered more functionality, the final product will use Aurasma. As well as being free to use, Aurasma offers much flexibility when developing AR experiences. Not only can you develop these experiences within the app itself (allowing the non-technical to develop AR experiences), but you can also integrate it into your own bespoke app.

In May I was lucky enough to visit Aurasma’s office in London and was shown some of the exciting projects taking place. The TED talk below, featuring Matt Mills, Global Head of Partnerships and Innovation at Aurasma, highlights that this software which is only a year old is not about to loose momentum.