JISC Elevator – Watch the Video

The Health CARE project is currently a short term JISC* funded project being delivered by City University London. As part of the project we’ll be looking at how Augmented Reality(AR) can be used to enhance teaching and learning for students in the School of Health Sciences.

Case 1 – Clinical Skills Laboratory

Clinical skills are an essential component of healthcare education for trainee nurses; simulated practice is used to orientate students to the clinical environment. This example looks at how relevant resources can be overlaid over equipment, dummies and key areas within a clinical skills lab.

Case 2 – Public Health Walk/Locality Project

Student nurses are allocated to a placement in East London and it is important that they gain an appreciation of the culture, history and social composition of the area they are working in. Walking around an area can help identify health issues (Bryar and Orr; 2012, p. 102).

AR in Education Event

We’ll also be organising an event, to share the findings of this project and promote the use of AR for all education disciplines.

The video below was used to bid for and successfully receive JISC* funding.


*JISC elevator is a platform for crowd sourcing ideas that will use technology to improve education and research in UK higher and further education institutions. Ideas are submitted to the site and the community can vote to show their support if they like an idea. When an idea receives the target number of votes then we will decide whether or not to fund the idea. The combination of crowd sourcing and small agile projects enables experimentation with new ideas and technology that appeal to a large group of people while keeping costs and risks low.

See: http://elevator.jisc.ac.uk/home for more details