Get your Linkedin Profile checked!

This won’t be breaking news to anyone: the importance of networking and social media has skyrocketed in the last few years. If you are looking for a job and you are not on LinkedIn, you definitely need to be. Jobseekers are realising the importance of an effective profile on Linkedin. In fact, your Linkedin profile can do as much to sell you as your cv. And as for employers, of course they are going to have a nosey peek at social media, especially your Linkedin profile, before deciding whether you are suitable for them. I mean, wouldn’t you?

In my job, I check cvs on a daily basis. I give advice on how to improve them, so that the candidate’s skills and achievements are put forward in the best possible way. This week, something happened: a Software Engineering student came to me to request not a cv check, but a Linkedin profile check. You would think that this is an everyday occurrence, but uh-uh. In fact it was the first time ever. I’m sure that my colleagues would agree with me that, doing more Linkedin profile checks would not only present a welcome new element in our day-to-day activities, but also would mean that our messages around the importance of social media are starting to sink in.

So, what makes a good Linked-in profile?

Please have a look  at the video below, where a Linkedin Profile Consultant (fancy title!) tells all!:

Linkedin Profile Video

Estanis Bouza

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