Are you interested in working with offenders, their families or young people at risk of crime?

Volunteering is the main way in to a career of this kind, such as working in a Youth Offending team, Probation Officer, Prison Governor, Social Worker or Youth Worker. An excellent new online resource  “Your Guide to Volunteering Opportunities in the Criminal Justice System”  outlines all sorts of opportunities. The opportunities are suitable for all students who would like to get involved in this kind of volunteering – not just Sociololgy or Criminology students. Perhaps you would would like to mentor a young person at risk, take part in a project for offenders on probation or to be a Youth Offending Panel Member?

Excellent training is often available, so do take your application seriously. You might like to book a short appointment for advice on your application or to have it checked at the Careers and Skills Development Service or to book a 45 minute appointment for a mock interview.

SOVA is an organisation that I would particularly recommend for volunteering.  SOVA works to strengthen communities by involving local volunteers in promoting social inclusion and reducing crime, especially by mentoring.  You can contact them at 020 7793 0404 or mail@sova.org.uk

Becoming a Youth Offending Panel Member is another excellent experience that would also sit very well on a CV. Have  a look at You Tube to see if the role appeals.




Antonia Clark

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