How would you like to be remembered?

In my previous blog I discussed the value of looking at things from the other person’s point of view, and in particular, how understanding what makes employers tick might help you when you are thinking about how to engage with them.

The assessment centre is a perfect example of engaging with an employer, and of course it tends to happen at a time when you want to make the best possible impression on the company that you hope will hire you.  So how can putting yourself in another person’s shoes help you to perform at your best on the day? Continue Reading


Play your cards right

Recent weeks have seen City University London throwing open its doors to employers to events where our students can showcase just how innovative they are. And I’ve been lucky enough to be a fascinated observer. One example is the recent inaugural Made@City event, a showcase of technical innovation by our I.T., Engineering and Maths students.

Whilst the employers in attendance seemed to know they were going to see some very employable skills on display which made spending time there worth their while I get a feeling some of the students were a bit surprised that the employers might be so interested in them. One student in particular was being asked… Continue Reading


Training Contract* Antarctica?

Having been given a task to blog about trends around vacancies, I spent a good few hours (though admittedly no sleepless nights) trying to figure out which industry or sector my first post might be about. And then one morning, after the first sift through the emails but probably before the first coffee, I came across an article on the “The Lawyer” which reported a plunge in the number of training contract vacancies. Ouch. Gloomy news on an already gloomy day.

Being a law grad, a happy ex-vac schemer and a less happy ex-training contract seeker, this topic is close to my heart so I immersed myself in the article temporarily forgetting about those law fair invites that had to be sent.

If you love stats as much as I do, you’ll be interested to know that…

“In 2011/12 4,869 training contracts were registered by the Law Society compared with 5,441 in 2010/11 and 6,303 in 2006/07. The current figure is 16 per cent lower than pre-2008 numbers”.

These figures were reported towards the end of May in the Law Society’s Annual Statistics Report and show that the number of training contracts in 2011-2012 has decreased by 10.5 per cent as compared to the number in 2010-2011. Meanwhile, the numbers of applicants are going up.

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If you really want to understand someone, walk a mile in their shoes

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned is the importance of seeing things from the other person’s perspective.  I learned it on my first assignment in my first graduate job, when four weeks out of University I found myself managing a project, working on the client site, sitting next to my customer every day.  Pretty daunting.

I had to understand what their key issues were very quickly: they were paying for my time by the hour and understandably, they wanted to see results.  The approach I developed still serves me well now, 22 years later.  So how does this apply to you?  Can putting yourself in the other person’s shoes help you get a graduate job….? Continue Reading


Hot Events = High Demand + High Returns

Be switched on to know what’s on!

There are lots of blinking light bulbs, generation of new and exciting ideas, and fast tapping fingers at the keyboards in the Employer Liaison team, as we’re doing what we do best: arranging hot events and employability skills sessions in collaboration with graduate recruiters, ready for the next academic year.

We understand that new City intakes are entering our doors with high expectations of City’s careers services, so we’re going to meet students’ needs for events that prepare you for the working world, and equip you with valuable skills and awareness of the competencies that will get City students noticed in the graduate job market.

Career Fairs – Book your spot in September!

Book your place at the Career Fairs in Banking, Finance and Consultancy, Law and Engineering, Science and Technology. This will be your chance to meet lots of companies within just a couple of hours in the industry that interests you. Ensure you come prepared with questions and a strategy to make the day as worthwhile as possible for your career prospects!

Employability Skills Programme

The demand for the popular Employability Skills Programme (ESP) has doubled, seeing 100 students per session (with waiting lists of up to 600 students). Tuesdays is certainly going to be the day to mark in the student diary over the autumn term.

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