Play your cards right

Recent weeks have seen City University London throwing open its doors to employers to events where our students can showcase just how innovative they are. And I’ve been lucky enough to be a fascinated observer. One example is the recent inaugural Made@City event, a showcase of technical innovation by our I.T., Engineering and Maths students.

Whilst the employers in attendance seemed to know they were going to see some very employable skills on display which made spending time there worth their while I get a feeling some of the students were a bit surprised that the employers might be so interested in them. One student in particular was being asked…for his business card on more than one occasion. The hitch? He didn’t have business cards with him. I suspect he may not have business cards at all.

All was not lost. He was able to pass on his email address and  phone number. However, I couldn’t help think that he could have made an even stronger positive impression by having some business cards to hand. Even as a student. Business cards don’t have to have a job title on. Your contact details are enough. And you don’t need to spend a fortune on them or have a fancy design. The main point is to have them handy at any occasion where you think employers might be in attendance.

David Gilchrist

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