How to NOT get hired – just follow these steps!

“There are no jobs out there” is a common belief among students and graduates nowadays.

But is that actually the case? Or is it that the quality of applications is rapidly decreasing?

Or maybe, because there really are no jobs out there, students rush to apply for anything that is made available and forget to double-check their applications?

In this blog post, I want to show you how you can definitely ruin your chances of getting a job, and provide you with some real examples of unsuccessful applications:

Step 1. Don`t check your grammar or spelling – the employer will understand you anyway.

“hey my name is ******** and i was wanting a career in audio recording. and i would like to get a job from you so i can get to know what i am doing in this career i have a little back ground in the recording section but that is at home and i am using sony tools.”

Step 2. “Keep it real” and get personal.

“I’m keeping this short ’cause I’m on my crackberry. OMG, The job looks dope, I’m in if you are”

Step 3. Don`t include your contact details – after all, the employers should put some effort into looking for ways to contact you.

Employer : “I recently received 3 emails for an internship position where the resumes included absolutely no contact information at all. Two of them didn’t even have their names on them!”

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