The early bird catches the worm! – For new final year students in the coming autumn term.

Often when you talk with employers they talk about those students who get organised early in terms of researching and focusing on their graduate opportunities.

Employers often have an expectation that the graduates they want (the pro-active current students) will be researching and looking to apply early for graduate schemes.

You may ask what is early? Well, if you are applying for a graduate scheme for summer 2014 then you needed to have started your research and really have gained your focus already. Don’t assume the employer will be expecting you to submit an application in October.  It may be earlier – even before the autumn term begins.

All is not lost if you haven’t begun. Here are 4 simple steps you can take over the remaining part of the summer before you return for your final year in the autumn. Be the early bird that get the worm!

  1. Be clear on the role, organisation and industry you want to target. If you’re not clear, then take time to explore and reflect on what you’d like to do after university. Career Matching packages like Prospects Planner can support here. But what can really help is booking in with a Careers Consultant to clarify and reflect on your focus.
  2. Short list 5 employers that you are going to research.
  3. If possible identify when they may typically open for applications and when do they close (e.g. check out target jobs and the closing soon section)
  4. Also use your Career Service for career advice and to help polish up on your job search strategies and techniques. Plus the Service can also support you crafting your cv or application to a high standard if early submission is necessary.

Marlon Gray

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