10 reasons why the autumn term is the greatest time ever

Buying textbooks…again. Choosing modules…again. Hating your timetable…again. Steadily rising number of coffees per day…again. Steadily rising number of hours spent in the library…again. Dreading deadlines and all-nighters…again. Looking for your warm jacket in the depths of your closet…again. Getting up before 10 (or even worse, 9!) in the morning…again. We could go on, couldn’t we?

The autumn term is about to start and we completely understand that you may find it a little difficult to switch from a summer mode to study mode…again. So, to ease your pain, I compiled a list of 10 reasons why, after all, the autumn term does not have to be so bad. Even better, 10 reasons why this autumn term can prove enjoyable!

  1. There are exciting Welcome Week careers events coming up…open to all, Freshers and non-Freshers are welcome to come along! Photobooth, Earn while you learn sessions (useful in case your finances post-summer need a bit of help…) and Lunch with Careers sessions – yes, free lunch every day, all week…plus you get a chance to meet us!
  2. Available on our web pages, there will be a brand new video giving you all the know how when it comes to booking in for events, searching for job and work experience opportunities and getting involved in various on-campus initiatives designed to equip you with top employability skills.
  3. Career Fairs are back – Banking, Finance & Consultancy Fair on 2nd October, Engineering, Science & Technology Fair on 9th October and, finally, the Law Fair on 16th October – come and meet all those employers who have been looking forward to meeting you! Continue Reading

(BSc) Mathematics = Fashion / another hidden job market

I’ve just returned with my employer liaison colleague from a meeting with a medium sized employer based very close to City University London on Goswell Road. We met them a little while back at a careers fair and had agreed to meet up to find out their hiring plans for the next year.

The company is called Far Fetch (www.farfetch.com), they are an online site that brings together products from fashion boutiques around the world which is reflected in their offices (London, Guimaraes, Los Angeles and Sao Paulo), and they’re currently looking for a mathematician. That’s right, a mathematician.

The role is as a Junior Pay Per Click (PPC) Executive. Now they’re looking for a mathematician but I’m wondering if a mathematician is looking for them? A global online fashion company. You wouldn’t think the two were connected and that’s a pity because Continue Reading


Blinkered by job titles? The hidden job markets

This recent article was a timely reminder to me of the existence of the hidden job market. It’s a short feature on the logistics industry. Does that sector sound interesting? On first look perhaps not. But have you looked behind the job title to understand what careers in this sector look like? Have you checked out the Prospects.ac.uk summary into the sector? Probably not, because we do often stop at the point of reading a job title or sector name. What we can be missing out on are vital and stimulating industries with fantastic careers progression.

Once we read further we start to understand, in the case of logistics, a Continue Reading


What you should ask your interviewer (and what is best left unasked!)

So, you have been invited to an interview. Well done. Now, you will probably be re-reading the job description, trying to anticipate their questions and practising your answers. Way to go.

Now, in any interview, the last question is always the same: “Do you have any questions for us?” And why is it that lots of candidates dread this one? Continue Reading


August: Endings and new beginnings in the Snapshot world

August. Not just the last Summer month of the year, but also the last month on the Scheme for our lovely Snapshotters.

As we approach the end of the programme, we looked back at the experiences we have had throughout the year: the challenges, the games, the new friends.

As a picture is worth a 1000 words (and our space here is limited), I want tell a short story of Snapshot “Class of 2013” in pictures:

It was all a bit awkward at first – so many unfamiliar faces …

Continue Reading


New Resource Update: Government Legal Service

Are you studying law but not sure you want to go into commercial practice?  The Government Legal Service is a great option for pupillage, training contracts, vacation schemes and graduate careers for law students.  Over 30 government departments including HMRC, the Treasury Solicitor’s Department, and the Department for Business Innovation and Skills hire law graduates.  Working for the GLS can be a great way to practice law in a variety of different areas.

We’ve rounded up some resources on what the Government Legal Service is, what it’s like to work for the GLS, and application procedures and requirements.  Use the links below, or look under Government Legal Service on CareersHub Resources.

Applications should be made before your final year.  The application period opens 1 July 2014 and closes 31 July 2014, so start thinking now if you want to apply next summer to start in 2015.

GLS Official Website

Chambers Student – Guide to Government Legal Service

Law Gazette – In House: Government Legal Service

Prospects – Life as a GLS Lawyer

TargetJobs – Government Legal Service Pupillage, Training Contracts and Graduate Schemes

Trainee Solicitor Surgery – Government Legal Service video

All About Law – How Do You Get Into the Government Legal Service?

All About Law – How To Join the Government Legal Service

The Law Society – GLS: Non-Traditional Work for Non-Traditional Lawyers


Personal Profiles, Career Statements, Career Objectives… YAY or NAY?

I get this question all the time. Do I need one of those on my cv? Well, that is an interesting one. How long have we got?

Let’s see, do you need a potato peeler in your kitchen drawer? Some people would say no, since it’s just another item cramping your drawer, and a good knife does the same job. Other people would say it’s essential as it makes the job a lot easier. There’s no consensus. Well, cv personal statements, career objectives or whatever you want to call them are just like potato peelers. Continue Reading