August: Endings and new beginnings in the Snapshot world

August. Not just the last Summer month of the year, but also the last month on the Scheme for our lovely Snapshotters.

As we approach the end of the programme, we looked back at the experiences we have had throughout the year: the challenges, the games, the new friends.

As a picture is worth a 1000 words (and our space here is limited), I want tell a short story of Snapshot “Class of 2013” in pictures:

It was all a bit awkward at first – so many unfamiliar faces …

But they got to know each other better through games and group exercises and even had a bit of fun…

They have learned together and grown together…

We, the Employer Liaison team, are proud that a part of our Snapshotters have managed to secure summer internships and work experience opportunities, and we are confident that all our Snapshotters are now better prepared to enter the job market world.

Want to be part of the Snapshot: Your Insight into Industry Scheme this upcoming academic year (2013/2014)?

Simples. Check our website to read more about the Scheme and to learn how to apply. Keep reading the Careers blog as we will be posting information here about application deadlines and give you some exclusive tips on applying for the Scheme.

With love – Victoria, from the EL corner.

Employer Engagement Team


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  1. As the team who facilitate this scheme, I can certainly say that it is the feedback from the students and their willingness to engage, communicate and their proven commitment to the scheme, which has driven this scheme forward. We hope that it will increase in popularity over time, as we’re committed to making this scheme even more engaging next year.

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