There’s no deadline ≠ there’s no rush!

A couple of students have said to me lately that they are applying for placements, internships or graduate schemes but that they are not in a rush because “there is no deadline”, or that the employer does “ongoing recruitment”. I thought I would write this post to clear some confusion.

What does “no deadline” or “ongoing recruitment” actually mean? Certainly, it doesn’t mean that you can rest on your laurels! Continue Reading


It’s obvious really, isn’t it? Quantity versus quality

The problem with relying on statistics to prove a point is that it’s always possible to find a statistic to back up any given point you want to make. However, I couldn’t help but smile when reading www.graduate-jobs.com recent survey where lo and behold it was found that “the lower the number of job applications students have made, the more likely they are to have succeeded in securing invitations to interviews“. So, fewer better quality applications seem to work more than more poorer quality ones. Which is your approach at the moment? And are you prepared to change it if it isn’t working?


Technically speaking

Here’s an unashamed steal from the TargetJobs website concerning two articles (here and here) written about the subject of handling technical interviews. Something for the I.T. and Engineering students amongst us. I particularly like the highlighting of the following 3  aspects of what you’re likely to encounter:

1) Know your basics – the fundamental things that may have been taught to you at the start of your course.

2) When you’re given a practical problem to solve with a technical solution it pays to show your thinking and your rationale as you think through it ahead of, perhaps, trying to give an absolutely spot on technical solution.

3) It’s okay to say you don’t know. Technical interviews are often done to test the boundaries of your technical knowledge and we all have boundaries. Even the most experienced techy will have a boundary to the questions they can answer  well. Just be prepared to maximise your own boundary of technical knowledge.


Snapshot: One week to deadline

Only one week left to apply for the Snapshot: Your Insight into Industry Scheme!

If you haven`t yet applied for the Snapshot: Your Insight into Industry Scheme, this is the time to do it!

With the applications deadline fast approaching (Thursday, 31st October 2013), you have 7 more days to put in an amazing application and to get an interview for a place on the Scheme.

What are you waiting for?

You are missing out on….

…participating in challenges and team-building exercises – some are run by us and others will be facilitated by top recruiters.

…taking part in community fundraising projects and receiving funding to get you started with your entrepreneurial ideas.

…meeting with employers and Alumni from your chosen industry(ies) of interest.

…being awarded prizes, personalised references and employability scholarships.

…taking part in some cool social activities for you to network with your peers.

Put your application in today by going online to: http://www.city.ac.uk/careers/for-students-and-recent-graduates/insight-into-industry

With love from the Employer Liaison corner – Victoria


A Day in the Life: Sharon Meyer, Management Consultant (and City Alumni) at Capco

Recently, Capco attended our Banking, Finance & Consultancy Fair. We asked Sharon Meyer, City Alumni from the Capco stand, to talk us through a day in her current role – here is what she had to tell us!

Background: Our Client, a global Investment Bank has appointed Capco to ensure that the method by which they book trades for a section of their businesses remains compliant with current FCA regulation.

Typically the day will begin at 8.00…At our morning team meeting, where we review all current documentation on the subject matter and invite a Subject Matter Expert (Bank expertise) to explain the current trade booking and settlement process in one of the affected businesses.

10.00: After much analysis, the unanimous decision is that the existing booking process shall have to be amended to comply with the new FCA regulation…

10.15: Find a whiteboard and a collection of coloured pens (Consultant’s staple diet). Draw a million different boxes on the board with just as many arrows….we have just brainstormed and designed what the future should look like (groundwork for this brainstorm began previously!)….now to tell the Bank
12.30: We create a ‘Use Case’ document which consists of process flows and a narrative of user actions taken when a trade is booked into the bank’s systems.
2.00: Lunch, view and respond to emails and then a glance at my calendar to ensure all clients have accepted meetings.
2.45: Meet with pre-selected system users from various business areas, present the potential future process and discuss the implications of this project on their daily role. Promise that we are aiming to automate some of the current processing. Quickly check in with Technology to ensure that this is still the case…..
4.00: Update the ‘Use Cases’ with our client’s hopes and dreams.
6.00: Send documentation to the business area to review and initial sign off
6.15: Client work finished for the day, Capco internal projects begin…Blog on Capco’s social networking website ‘CapinTouch’ a summary of the projects that Capco consultants are implementing in banks around the City of London and beyond
7.00: The day draws to a close.

If you are interested in finding out more, you can meet with Capco at our “Careers in Finance & Consultancy” panel on Monday 28th October.


Pushing at an open door

Here’s a tip to get smart with your graduate, internship or placement job hunt. Next time you’re talking to an employer (perhaps at today’s Engineering, Science and Technology careers fair) one question to ask could be “what roles do you find difficult to fill?”. Because every year without fail some of the largest and most popular employers have vacancies they fail to fill*. If you can find out which ones you can perhaps target these roles ahead of others, safe in the knowledge that you’re probably in a much shorter queue of applicants**.

*The Association of Graduate Recruiters Winter Survey of 2013 reported that a third of those companies that replied to the survey failed to fill all their vacancies in the previous recruitment campaign year.

**This post was inspired by a recent conversation with an engineering employer expressing their frustration that so many candidates ignored their Marine business opportunities.


Let’s do the Milk round…again.

When I wrote ‘Hot Events = High Demand + High Returns’ back in June, I was a fresher to the Employer Liaison team and I was very excited by all the planning that’s gone into all the employer-led events, which are now keeping City students on their toes.

They call this the Milk round season – a term used in the UK to describe the phenomenon of companies touring universities each year, in order to advertise their opportunities and recruit students.

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