Reflections on the fair

I spent an enjoyable half hour just now talking to some of the employers who came to our Banking, Finance and Consultancy fair.  Overall, they were very impressed with the students they met, and three things in particular have stuck in my mind.

First, they saw students who were well prepared, and in two cases they said quite clearly that this has not the case at other events they have attended.  “Lots of good questions”, “Not just asking about things they could find on the website”, “Great to see so many students wearing a suit” were the comments I heard.  Sounds like our VIP sessions are having an impact.

Next, they saw a lot of first years.  “I’m impressed with how many new students we met today” and “I’ve seen students who are already thinking about where they want to be in three years – it is great that your university is full of such proactive freshers.”  First years, I salute you: as well as helping yourselves get a foot on the ladder already, you are helping us cement City’s reputation as a University employers want to visit.

Finally, the employers are asking you some challenging questions at the fair.  One financial services recruiter had met a student who “wants to get into financial risk management”.  He asked her why – what does she expect to be doing when she gets there?  And her answer really impressed the recruiter.  You can make a great impact at a fair – even with just one answer.

So, if you went to the fair today, well done – the chances are you made an impact.  And if you are thinking about the Engineering, Science and Technology fair next Wednesday or the Law Fair on 16th October, make sure you do your preparation.  We will see you at a VIP session soon….

Gary Argent

Director of the Career and Skills Development Service at City University London


  1. Yes, I absolutely agree with you. I have seen that many recruiters were impressed by our students and I was proud of this. Also the event was even more helpfull for me than I have expected- first of all, as I’ve been on VIP session, I had searched almost all companies before the fair and considered some new questions and answers. Moreover, on the actual event I have received some good advices from co.insiders. One of them was a person from my country and another – has just graduated from Cass! In addition, on the fair I have met so many people: not only recruiters, but also some co-insiders and people with similar interests. I really enjoyed it!

  2. Thanks for your feedback Bayan – I am glad that you enjoyed the event and that the preparation session on Monday was useful!


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