Let’s do the Milk round…again.

When I wrote ‘Hot Events = High Demand + High Returns’ back in June, I was a fresher to the Employer Liaison team and I was very excited by all the planning that’s gone into all the employer-led events, which are now keeping City students on their toes.

They call this the Milk round season – a term used in the UK to describe the phenomenon of companies touring universities each year, in order to advertise their opportunities and recruit students.


At these fairs, recruiters are looking for motivated, engaged and inquisitive students, who really want to give themselves the best possible chance of identifying their career prospects. Likewise, students are looking for the companies who offer the best opportunities and invest their time in engaging with them, and it’s good to see that City students really know how to tackle the Milk round, branding yourselves as investable students.

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