Technically speaking

Here’s an unashamed steal from the TargetJobs website concerning two articles (here and here) written about the subject of handling technical interviews. Something for the I.T. and Engineering students amongst us. I particularly like the highlighting of the following 3  aspects of what you’re likely to encounter:

1) Know your basics – the fundamental things that may have been taught to you at the start of your course.

2) When you’re given a practical problem to solve with a technical solution it pays to show your thinking and your rationale as you think through it ahead of, perhaps, trying to give an absolutely spot on technical solution.

3) It’s okay to say you don’t know. Technical interviews are often done to test the boundaries of your technical knowledge and we all have boundaries. Even the most experienced techy will have a boundary to the questions they can answer  well. Just be prepared to maximise your own boundary of technical knowledge.