Snapshot Scheme: New Beginnings

Snapshot Scheme: Class of 2014

   Holidays are upon us and we have now officially selected our new  Snapshotters  for the next year – exciting, eh?


For you stats-lovers out there, here are some nice figures from this year`s selection  process for the Snapshot Scheme:


v This Autumn term, we`ve received 270 online applications from students

v  We`ve held 99 interviews & met 99 great potential candidates

v  We`ve invited 53 students to attend our final stage of assessment: a Training & Assessment session

v  Annnnnd, finally… we`ve offered 38 new places on the Scheme 2013/2014

Why are students applying for the Snapshot Scheme? Here is some Continue Reading


How to get into a Career in Advertising, Media or Communications

An excellent new website for people who want to get into advertising, media and communications is AdMISSION. ttp://www.theadmission.co.uk/  Key features include:

  • Industry Guide – the kind of agencies you could work in
  • Routes into the Industry – list of grad schemes, AdSchool (for penultimate year students), info for first year students and internternship and job vacancy details.
  • Job Roles -job descriptions
  • Careers Advice – includes tips for applying to grad schemes
  • Blog – good way to keep up withthe sector. You can also sign up for the IPA Student Newsletter.

The site is overseen by the IPA (Institute of Advertising Practitioners), the professional body for advertising. Althought the profession welcomes people from all backgrounds and cultures, ethnic minority groups are very underepresented in the sector.   As can be a hard profession to break into and as SEO have now  moved into working with employers in the creative sector,  applying via the SEO route would be a good move . Go to the Creative Industries  and Advertising section at  http://seolondon-careers.com/



Feeling like an ostrich in the run up to Xmas?

I don’t know about you but I’m knackered. A heck of  a lot of very worthwhile but intense careers one-to-ones make this careers adviser a tired one. And already gazing towards the end of this week with longing. The temptation to down tools and switch off is great. That includes looking forward to activities in 2014. But this article can only make you think again. Yes, they’re talking about losing weight and monitoring your bank balance but it’s a subject not too far away from assessing your progress with your job hunt whether you are an undergraduate or a graduate job hunter.

So my challenge to you is this. Continue Reading


Second Round of City’s professional Mentoring Scheme Now Open

Just thought I would do a bit of promo for our Professional Mentoring Scheme.  This year, due to its success, we are able to offer an additional 200 places, so have  have doubled the reach of the programme. An additional 200 places are available NOW.  A student I  was chatting to  last week described it as the most valuable extracurricular activity he had undertaken at City.  What greater recommendation could there be?! You will be partnered to a mentor for a 6 month period, but the time commitment is not onerous in any way. The closing date for applications is 24 January 2014, but early applications are preferred and advisable as it is a competitive scheme.

3 weeks on some of our mentees are already seeing the benefits “I’ve just come back from my first meeting with my mentor and I’m already feeling so positive!  I’ve got uni work coming out of my ears (as per usual), but rather than feeling typically stressed, I’m finding heaps of motivation to JUST GET ON WITH IT.  I think this is because I’m far less worried about the direction of my future, and can focus on getting things done in the present!  I’m don’t feel as lost as I had done before, which is not what I was expecting so soon into the programme 3rd Year International politics student Continue Reading


AIESEC – What’s that and why should I join?

Last week, I went to  a presentation by City  alumni from the undergraduate degree in International Politics. I noticed that three out of the four presenters had belonged to AIESEC whilst at City. The students presented impressed me with their high level of motivation and enthisiasm for AIESE. They stressed that AIESEC had provided them with excellent networking opportunities to meet like-minded, highly motivated students who are interested in developing themselves by taking on an overseas challenge and developing a global entrepreneurial spirit. So I thought you might like to hear more about it.

AIESEC is always known by its acronym. What the letters originally stood for are  no longer referred to in publicity. It is the largest youth led organisation globally, last year offering thousands of opportunities abroad, including  volunteering and some internship opportunities in  a wide range of fields with the chance to have an impact on society. Many of the opportunities are with NGOs and charities and involve community development, but there are also multinationals involved with AIESEC.

The initial point of contact for the AIESEC City University branch is is the Local Committee website www.aieseccity.com or Continue Reading