AIESEC – What’s that and why should I join?

Last week, I went to  a presentation by City  alumni from the undergraduate degree in International Politics. I noticed that three out of the four presenters had belonged to AIESEC whilst at City. The students presented impressed me with their high level of motivation and enthisiasm for AIESE. They stressed that AIESEC had provided them with excellent networking opportunities to meet like-minded, highly motivated students who are interested in developing themselves by taking on an overseas challenge and developing a global entrepreneurial spirit. So I thought you might like to hear more about it.

AIESEC is always known by its acronym. What the letters originally stood for are  no longer referred to in publicity. It is the largest youth led organisation globally, last year offering thousands of opportunities abroad, including  volunteering and some internship opportunities in  a wide range of fields with the chance to have an impact on society. Many of the opportunities are with NGOs and charities and involve community development, but there are also multinationals involved with AIESEC.

The initial point of contact for the AIESEC City University branch is is the Local Committee website www.aieseccity.com or Continue Reading