Feeling like an ostrich in the run up to Xmas?

I don’t know about you but I’m knackered. A heck of  a lot of very worthwhile but intense careers one-to-ones make this careers adviser a tired one. And already gazing towards the end of this week with longing. The temptation to down tools and switch off is great. That includes looking forward to activities in 2014. But this article can only make you think again. Yes, they’re talking about losing weight and monitoring your bank balance but it’s a subject not too far away from assessing your progress with your job hunt whether you are an undergraduate or a graduate job hunter.

So my challenge to you is this. As tired as you may feel going into the Xmas period there really can be value on reflecting on your progress up to now, whether you can try to push a few things forward over Xmas and map out, at the very least, what your January job hunting activites are going to look like.

I know this can work. I spoke with one student at this point last year disheartened by the job hunting process and thinking of leaving it until after graduation. I later found out that she had managed to get an application off over Xmas, it did remotivate her about job hunting in the final months of her degree and she did secure a graduate job with a summer start.

David Gilchrist

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