Second Round of City’s professional Mentoring Scheme Now Open

Just thought I would do a bit of promo for our Professional Mentoring Scheme.  This year, due to its success, we are able to offer an additional 200 places, so have  have doubled the reach of the programme. An additional 200 places are available NOW.  A student I  was chatting to  last week described it as the most valuable extracurricular activity he had undertaken at City.  What greater recommendation could there be?! You will be partnered to a mentor for a 6 month period, but the time commitment is not onerous in any way. The closing date for applications is 24 January 2014, but early applications are preferred and advisable as it is a competitive scheme.

3 weeks on some of our mentees are already seeing the benefits “I’ve just come back from my first meeting with my mentor and I’m already feeling so positive!  I’ve got uni work coming out of my ears (as per usual), but rather than feeling typically stressed, I’m finding heaps of motivation to JUST GET ON WITH IT.  I think this is because I’m far less worried about the direction of my future, and can focus on getting things done in the present!  I’m don’t feel as lost as I had done before, which is not what I was expecting so soon into the programme 3rd Year International politics student

Who is it for, exactly?

We encourage applicants from those with drive and ambition but who lack knowledge and  experience and students who are unsure on how to pursue their dreams and in need of further professional guidance. The scheme particularly targets people who are from an ethnic minority group and those whose parents have not been to university, but if you do not meet this criteria, but are lacking in confidence, support networks and a sense of direction , it would also be worth applying.  

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Antonia Clark

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