This January: start your career in Business/Finance

   Want to work in Business or Finance? Check out these incredible jobs below.

   The catch? Deadlines are this January, so apply now.

Internships & Placements

Start your career with a summer internship or a one-year placement in the industry, and get the experience that you need to make it big. Internships advertised on CareersHub will always cover at least the intern`s expenses and will not require you to work for more than 3 months on an unpaid basis – we believe employers should value you as an addition to their company! Placements will always be paid at least Minimum Wage and can vary from 6 months to 13 months in length – for more information about internships and placements, check http://targetjobs.co.uk/work-experience

Hot internships & placements in Business & Finance

GE Healthcare – Business Internship – apply by 31st January 2014

RBS – Summer internships in Finance (Markets, International Banking, Corporate Banking, and others) – apply by 31st January 2014

Microsoft – Finance internship – apply by 31st January 2014

National Grid – Finance placement year – apply by 31st January 2014

Mercedes-Benz – Business Operations placement – apply by 31st January 2014

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