The Destinations Survey is once again upon us!

You might have heard of this survey. If you have graduated recently, we might need to speak to you. And if you are a current student, read on to see how you will benefit!

A new Destinations Survey Campaign is starting next week. A new group of Destinations Survey Interviewers have been recruited and trained, and we look forward to start working with them on Monday next week. This fantastic new team is formed of current students and recent graduates. They have demonstrated to be well switched on and have piles of enthusiasm for working with us through the campaign.

This means that if you have graduated from City recently (depending on what course you have done and when you finished your course, amongst other criteria) one of these new recruits might call you to find out what you are up to. They will want to know whether you are working, studying something else, looking for jobs, etc. Conducting this survey is a government requirement and all universities have to do it. It’s very important that you take part. The outcomes of this survey allow us to produce employability statistics for the University.

The reports generated by this survey are also a very powerful resource that is available to you. How can you benefit from the reports?

  • If you need ideas on the kind of role or company that would best suit you and your qualification…
  • If you don’t know what companies to start researching or to start applying to…
  • If you don’t know the kind of salary current graduates are supposed to be getting…
  • If you need inspiration about jobs or industries off the beaten track…

… then why not read the destinations report for your course. The report uses information from City students who graduated last year and took part in the destinations survey, so the information is very fresh and relevant to student like you. And when you eventually graduate, you can help the University and future students by taking part in the survey!

Estanis Bouza

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