How to demonstrate your interest in an organisation in cover letters and application forms without sounding bland, pedantic, predictable and unconvincing

One of the most common questions careers advisers get asked by students is “What should I say about why I am interested in a particular organisation in cover letters and application forms?”. Students often say that they find it hard to differentiate between one organisation and  another.

Avoiding bland replies to this question is crucial, yet everyday in the Careers Centre, bland and predictable statements are what we are presented with to check over! Whether an investment bank, law firm, technology start up, hospital trust or secondary school – all organisations are looking for a personalised approach that reflects more than surface level website research.  Without evidencing this, you will probably not get beyond the application stage. So here are some ideas:

  • Evidence knowledge of the organisation’s core values and culture. Show you share their values by perhaps Continue Reading

Career Opportunity for working on financial projects with a human dimension

If you like working with figures and would like to work on financial projects with a human dimension, you might like the sound of the Society of London Treasurers Graduate Scheme.  This well-established programme also offers a good work-life balance including generous holidays. It is one of the few grad schemes that will also accept a 2:2 degree from any degree background  –  GCSE Englsih and Maths at grade C are also required. The scheme brings together around 17 local authorities and other public services annually to recruit and train around 40 graduates  a year who want to pursue a career in public finance. It’s all about putting talented graduates through a secure, four year  programme that will form the first part of their journey towards senior management. The scheme also now recruits grads to work in Nottinghamshire and Cambridgeshire.

Through rotations, trainees gain exposure to every  element of local government finance, whilst attached to a specific local  authority. The scheme has been carefully designed to maximise potential  with work varying from key corporate processes to advising senior management  and challenging project initiatives. Continue Reading


Real stories from real Grant Thornton Trainee solicitors

It’s not just careers services that are aware what a vital tool a blog can be in providing its audience up to date, engaging and meaningful information. Companies are increasingly turning to them too. Take Grant Thornton as an example. They’ve got 9 recent trainees blogging without restraint and with a good degree of frequency. So, if your interests lie on the legal side of things it’s unmissable stuff. Interested in other areas? See if your favourite companies are blogging too and keep an eye on our own blog roll on this site.