To MSc or not MSc? That is the question

Or equally “To MA or not to MA?” though MSc just kind of sounded better. And it’s an appropriate question on this day of The Bard’s birthday and at this time of the academic year. Because, alongside completing dissertations and final year projects and beginning that crucial exam cramming, the question of whether to then apply for a Masters course to extend your time at university may be one on your mind.

The Guardian also thought it timely enough to feature this recent article debating whether it’s really going to enhance your job prospects. Given its cost and the extra year (2 years for part time Masters) it means inside academia and not outside in the working world gaining work experience it’s a question worth pondering!¬†Particularly look out for the wise words of Charlie Ball of HECSU and Stephen Isherwood of the Association of Graduate Recruiters – wise owls indeed.

And if in doubt, ask the very employers you might then be submitting your applications to 12 months from now. If it makes you no more attractive to them than you are at this very minute then you may want to think again.