Government Legal Service opportunities (GLS) now open

GLS – Government Legal Service – applications now open

 Applications opened today  for 35 trainee solicitor and pupil barrister places and closes on 31 July. The GLS employs 2000 lawyers  (75% Solicitors and 25% barristers) who advise ministers and colleagues on the legality of proposed policy , create new legislation or represent the govt in high profile litigation cases.The role really suits people  with a keen interest in Politics. The work environment is supportive and collaborative. There are no long  hours and  flexible working hours are in place. Those who  draft  legislation as it goes through parliament feel a sense of uniqueness. Tips for applications: show a strong interest in politics, follow stories in the media and think how legal services can tie in, demonstrate why interested in public law + attend GLS open days. Few in the GLS have trained there, but move into the role later. Warning: competition is very severe. e.g. 3000 previously applied for 20 places.  http://www.gls.gov.uk/



Grad job outcomes – be wary of this article

Last week The Guardian published a sobering and interesting article based on research into recent graduates’ job destinations. I am, however, concerned about a possible misinterpretation. They say (and I quote),

almost three-quarters (79%) [of graduates] expect to be in a graduate-level job within six months. But government figures show that only around half (53%) of those who graduated within the past five years are in such jobs.

Asides from some questionable sub-editing (I’ve made my own corrections) I think the way this is written could lead to an incorrect conclusion being drawn. That 47% of all grad in the past five years are still in non graduate-level jobs. I think an incorrect Continue Reading