Women students! Build your self-confidence with the Sprint London Programme for Female Undergrads and Postgrads!

wonder-woman1Do you often feel your voice is not heard and that others seem more confident?

Do you constantly kick yourself for not being more assertive?

Perhaps you  lack confidence in your own skills, with a poor sense of career direction?

The Sprint Programme is a fantastic opportunity for women undergraduates and postgraduates from all backgrounds, ages and stages in their lives and studies, regardless of their subject or career aspirations, to take hold of their personal development and achieve their ambitions. It is not too late to apply – with the deadline being this Sunday 6 July and you only need to submit a brief application – no more than 2500 characters, that’s characters, not words. About 30 lines will do or even less. That’s very little!

Across 4 action packed days, the programme covers a range of key development topics, with the aim help you to:

  • use your personal power and influence
  • identify your values, attitudes and direction
  • manage your time effectively
  • learn how to use assertiveness positively
  • build your image, networking skills and confidence
  • engage with inspiring role models and industry professionals
  • work with a mentor (provided by sponsoring companies) to continue you achieve your goal

Co-sponsored by The Royal Bank of Scotland, Microsoft and Enterprise Rent A Car, the third London Sprint Programme will be held on 29, 30 and 31 July and 01 September 2014 at City University, Northampton Square. The programme is exclusively open to City University and University College London students.

So whilst many female students feel they do not need this support, I also know that many do – because they tell me this everyday in the Careers Centre at City…….in which case, go on….what are you waiting for?! Write that application now!

Here’s the link to apply which includes comments from young women who have done the course already: http://www.city.ac.uk/careers/for-students-and-recent-graduates/sprint




Antonia Clark

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