Guest blog post: Nicola and Nicky “A day in the life of a Gradcracker”

Hi, We’re Nicola Taylor and Nicky Manfield, University Liaison professionals at Gradcracker – the UK’s careers Gradcracker website for science, engineering and technology students.We have been in our roles for 1 year and 2 months (respectively) and we have written this blog for City students.

We encourage you to approach us at the Engineering, Science & Technology Fair on October 2014, if you want to find out more about how we can help you in your job search!

A typical working day for us

A large part of what we do is University engagement, phoning contacts at universities to talk about Gradcracker and our Toolkits and how we can get information that recruiters want you to know about, across to students effectively. General tasks throughout the day can range from answering student enquiries, arranging and participating in on campus events (such as City’s career fair), university liaison and keeping universities up to date with Gradcracker news, taking orders for our career booklet, the Toolkit. We work sociable hours, arrive at work at 8.50am and leave at 5pm.

The best part of our job

We really enjoy visiting universities across the UK and talking to students about Gradcracker and how we can help you with your job search within the science, engineering and technology industries.

We love hearing of success stories from the students who have landed a placement or graduate role through Gradcracker.

The biggest challenge of our job

Raising awareness of Gradcracker and that it’s the number 1 careers site for engineering and technology students in the UK. When we’re not engaging directly with students, we know that our great contacts in CityCareers and throughout the careers services at other universities will continue to give exposure to Gradcracker via other communication channels.

Why do we attend on campus careers events?

What better way is there to find talent, than by participating in careers events! We value meeting students face to face and getting the opportunity to tell them about how Gradcracker can help them in their search for that first employment opportunity and kick start their career. We represent over 160 employers in the industry, so we want to inform students that they can find these opportunities at Gradcracker.

How can YOU really impress us at a campus event?

Be prepared – do some research, dress smartly, and ask us some well thought through questions! Demonstrate that you are considering your potential career seriously.

The most common mistakes we see candidates making throughout the selection and recruitment process?

A poorly structured CV and mistakes to the application form. Students should take advantage of CityCareers and seek advice to even get the basics checked; such as spelling, grammatical errors and irrelevant information.

What attributes do recruiters look for in a student/graduate that are particularly suited to companies that we work with?

Our employers generally look for someone who can demonstrate suitable skills for their role, usually gained through work experience such as summer or yearlong work placements.


Employer Engagement Team


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