Guest blog post: Scarlett @BubbleJobs with “5 Things I’ve Learnt At My First Graduate Job”

10559772_10204335389649953_2804476768374714311_n Author Bio: Scarlett Wilson is a Keele University graduate and is currently working as a Digital Marketing Executive for Bubble Jobs – a niche digital jobs board that specialises in advertising digital, ecommerce, media and marketing jobs from the UK’s top brands. Follow her on Twitter: @Scarlett278 or find out more about BubbleJobs at http://www.bubble-jobs.co.uk/ 

“After recently graduating from Keele uni I’m all too familiar with the job search process and the ups and downs that come with it. So when I finally managed to bag myself a job as a Digital Marketing Executive at Bubble Jobs I was over the moon.

The only problem was that the nerves started kicking in pretty quickly – I found myself trying to judge whether I’d do amazingly and everyone would love me or I’d fail miserably. I think these feelings are completely normal though – you’re leaping into the unknown so you’re bound to feel a bit wobbly about the whole situation.

To help you feel better I thought I’d tell you about the five things I’ve learnt from my first graduate job to try and put your poor mind at rest!

1)      Don’t Panic On Your First Day

I remember very well the dread I felt when walking into the Bubble Jobs office for my first day – a mixture of feelings ran through my head like – “What if I can’t  do what they ask me?” and “What if they don’t like me?”. The truth is they were all lovely and they didn’t shove me in the deep end straight away. It’s important to remember that everyone in the office will all have had a first day at some point – so they’ll understand that scary feeling you get. Try and relax and remember that this is only your first day – so enjoy it!

2)      Ask Questions

It’s completely normal not to know everything at your first graduate job – so make sure you ask questions. There’s a couple of reasons for this – if you don’t ask a question and then do something wrong it’s going to look a lot worse than if you’d just asked a question in the first place. What’s more – asking questions shows to your employer that you’re engaged with your job and are looking to develop within the role. The only thing I would say is try not to ask trivial questions – you don’t want to start irritating your colleagues by asking little questions that you could find out yourself. This said don’t be scared to ask if you don’t know!

3)      Muck In 

When you first start you want to try and fit in straight away so make sure you do your bit and make the teas or coffees. You don’t want to look like you’re getting preferential treatment just because you’re new – so get that kettle on! Your colleagues will appreciate that you’ve made the effort with them.

4)      Communicate With Your Colleagues

Obviously your main aim of going to work is to get your head down and do your job – however you have to remember that you’ll be spending a lot of time with your colleagues so it’s important to get on with them. I made sure that I remembered everyone’s names and found out a bit about them. Your employer will want to know that you can get on with people – otherwise they may think they’ve made a bit of a mistake – especially if there’s a fall-out between your team as soon as you arrive!

5)      Organisation Is A Must

This is a really important one – as a Digital Marketing Executive I find myself with a range of different tasks so it’s really important you keep it all in check! Whatever you’ve got to do make sure you write it down – no matter how small it is, because you may find that it’s the little things that you forget. My diary is full of to-do lists that I write every morning to make sure I’m all in check for the day ahead. Not only does it mean you don’t miss anything off but it means you get the lovely satisfaction of ticking things off (or is that just me?).


So there we go five things I’ve learnt at my first graduate job – good luck if you’ve not had your first day yet. You will be fine and remember that everyone’s had their first day at some point so try not to worry.”

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