Guest Blog Post: Rishi Shah, Credit Suisse Business Analyst for FDM Group


Rishi Shah


Rishi Shah graduated from City University in 2013 with a degree in Information  Systems. Since graduating he has gone on to work for professional services  provider, FDM Group. Rishi is currently placed at Credit Suisse as a Business  Analyst and shares his experience below.



I chose to pursue a career in IT because I saw the great advances in technology whilst growing up. This allowed me to see the digital age grow and develop giving me a huge insight into the potential developments over time. This really excited me, so I made it my mission to pursue a career in IT.

My time at City University provided me with the necessary skills to develop my career and allowed me to gain a greater understanding of the way in which IT impacts the world as we know it. I studied Information Systems, which gave me a knowledge base in business and IT. My course spanned across three years and I learnt a variety of different topics. My most interesting topic was Project Management where I was required to manage students and ensure that they were on the right path to completing their work.

Two years before I started at FDM, my brother had joined FDM’s Graduate Programme. He trained on the business pathway specialising in PMO before being placed at UBS in Switzerland. The career paths with FDM are endless. The opportunities they provide for graduates are second to none and if IT is a career path you are looking to pursue, I strongly recommend taking a look at FDM.

I also trained on the business pathway specialising in PMO as I wanted a more business oriented role. I spent eight weeks training at FDM’s Academy in London Bridge. Training is broken down into two stages, starting with foundation training. This is three weeks long and provides you with the core skills needed when working in the corporate world. The next stage of training is specialising in a certain area, for me that was in PMO. This took five weeks where I underwent rigorous training with recognised qualifications such as PRINCE2.

I had a couple of interviews before being placed at Credit Suisse in Canary Wharf. I have now been at Credit Suisse for around four months and have enjoyed every minute of it. The skills FDM provided me with in my training have transferred with me into a professional working environment. I currently work with five other FDMers in my team, which gives a sense of comfort and ease. To know wherever you are placed there will be other FDMers that have been in your position and will ensure that you feel comfortable in your role makes settling in a whole lot easier. FDM has a large community base amongst its employees on most client sites within the UK and globally.

As a Business Analyst in the Secure and Control Technologies Department I currently work on internal processes resolving issues and problem tickets. There is a lot of interaction between the stakeholder and the BA so you get to meet a lot of people and gain a huge knowledge-base, making it a great place to work.

The good thing about working here is that, although I am a BA by title, my role is not just limited to that. I get to experience lots of variety in my role making it even more exciting. FDM has plenty of opportunities out there waiting to be filled; it just depends on where you see yourself and how motivated you are in doing so. I could not be happier to have pursued my dream of working within the technology industry and it is with thanks to FDM.


Guest Blog Post: Aamir Maqsood, Business Analyst at FDM Group

Aamir Maqsood


Aamir Maqsood graduated from City University in 2012 with a degree in Economics. Since graduating he has gone on to work for professional services provider, FDM Group. Aamir is currently placed at Towergate Partnership Ltd. as a Business Analyst and shares his experience below.


Like many graduates, I finished university with little sense of direction in regards to my career choices. I had been passionate about IT since a young age but this was tough to demonstrate as it was Economics that I chose to study at City University. I soon realised that I did not have the qualifications or experience to apply directly for the best roles in IT. I started to believe that I would have to settle for a college-leaver role or invest more time and money in an IT qualification. My problems were answered when I came across FDM Group.

I joined FDM and began training on their Technical Pathway specialising in Application Support within just a few weeks of making my application. The training programme was intensive and challenging from the outset. However the supportive environment and work-hard, play-hard culture kept me motivated. The first month in-house covers core modules which provide you with the professional skills to work in the commercial world. After you have completed these, you go through electives relevant to your learning pathway, for me this was Application Support.

The training delivered in the Academy is nothing like university; it is entirely commercially-relevant. I undertook two renowned certifications. The first was ITIL, which outlines best practices in IT Service Management and the second was IOC, which covers the basics of investment operations. Completing the programme successfully, as a non-Computer Science graduate, left me with a very rewarding feeling knowing that I am a credible IT Analyst being sought-after by FDM’s prestigious clients.

My career began with two short-term App Support contracts at industry-leading companies. The experience I gained was phenomenal. One of the contracts was first-line, where I was placed in a team of five in a fast-paced environment, responsible for supporting thousands of users. There was a lot of learning on the job as I was dealing with hundreds of users a week. The second-line role was a lot more laid back and I was given time to build relationships with the various stakeholders who I mediated between to solve user problems. I was also given the chance to shadow other teams for a few weeks to gain insight into a high-functioning IT department and the business in general.

I am now working as a Business Analyst for Towergate Insurance, Europe’s largest independent insurance broker. They have spent the last ten years acquiring over 150 businesses. I am working on a migration project to consolidate their individual systems. This is having a massive impact on the company and I am delighted to play a significant part in the implementation. I am most grateful to FDM for providing me this opportunity to completely transform my career in two years.