Guest Blog Post: Tales of a Startup Team: the good, the bad (not really), and the awesome by Jordan Barnes

The awe. The envy. The shock.

Startup employees see it all from those who look on from afar.

No, we don’t all jet around the country on our private jets.

No, we aren’t all working in garages, eating cereal out of plastic cups.

No, we don’t have U2 playing at all of our product launches.

Working at a startup does come with a territory. Without a doubt, the hours can be long, the pressure can be high and the stakes can be massive. However, working at a startup is one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had to date.  Here’s why.

The team: Startup teams are well-oiled machines. We don’t have the luxury or issue with dealing with a huge corporation, dictating when and how we do things. A different level, a more vested level, of trust is built when you truly work hand in hand with your team on every part of your job.

The impact: Arguably one of the most rewarding things about working in such a unique startup environment is seeing the direct impact of your work within the company. Seeing projects go from start to finish and seeing how your dedication and earnest work has made a profound impact on the company is endorphin-inducing. When your work doesn’t get lost in the corporate shuffle, lost in the webs of organizational structure and flow, it means something.

The environment: To be entirely cliché, the startup environment is unrivaled and totally awesome.  Because of the startup nature, ideas are encouraged and welcomed. We know the game of ‘throwing a hundred ideas at the wall and hoping one sticks’ all too well.  That being said, creative freedom is encouraged and prevalent.

The opportunity:  To be even more cliché, the opportunity to be a part of such a high-growth, rapid-fire organization transforms you as an employee. You find yourself working more efficiently and more passionately. You find ways to work leaner and meaner. The pressure can be intense, but the reward is greater. Pivotal decisions about the direction and strategy of the entire company are made in a mile-a-minute fashion, and adapting is the only option. And once again, when you see the direct impact of your work in the business, it empowers you.


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